Physical Activity & Motor Skills Development Program for Children, Ages 3-5
Animal Trackers is a motor skills and physical activity program for preschool children.  It is designed to be ENJOYABLE and EDUCATIONAL  for young children,and to give them a opportunity to learn and practice the movement motor skills, which are basic to physical activity and sports activities.
Some facts:
  • Motor skills do not develop equally or at the same time in all children
  • Children who are able to practice motor skills become better at them.
  • Children with better motor skills enjoy sports that use these skills, e.g. kick a soccer ball; catch a  baseball; balance in dancing and gymastics, along with many other activities. 
Some children develop certain motor skills very early, and some develop them later.  Some children seem well coordinated, while others seem to be less so.  Animal Trackers is for preschool children with different levels of skill, and provides them an opportunity to practice the skills and enjoy them in a fun, non-competitive atmosphere.
When young children become more skillful at running, kicking, balancing, jumping and all the other gross motor movement skills that Animal Trackers emphasizes, it is hypothesized children will grow to like engaging in physical activity, and will want to participate in many of the sports, recreation and dance activities that will be available to them as older children and teenagers.
Animal Trackers was developed by:
Christine L. Williams M.D, MPH
Rae Pica, Preschool Motor Skills Expert
BJ Carter M.S.
Carolynn Lucca 
Illustrations and Artwork: Fablevision
Graphic Design: Michelle Niehaus