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n intergeneration training program designed for grandparents on how to promote smoking prevention with their grandchildren.

Healthy Directions can offer services and programs by joining forces with a wide-variety of public organizations, foundations and corporations to provide effective resources and targeted initiatives.

Healthy Directions Inc., a 501(c)3 organization develops, designs and implements materials and programs targeted to intergenerational populations for obesity prevention, physical activity, motor skill development and related health/social issues. Our programs focus on underserved populations through the Healthy Children Healthy Futures (HCHF) banner.

Framework--HealthyChildrenHealthyFutures(HCHF) programs

The HCHF programs recognize the critical need to address the epidemic of overweight, obesity and lack of physical activity among our nation's children.

Originally developed by Strang Cancer Prevention Center in 2001 with support from MetLife Foundation, our goal is to promote programs to help children, parents, and grandparents become advocates - in their families, homes, schools and communities - for healthy eating and increased physical activity.

Obesity, long known to be a risk factor for cardiovascular disease and diabetes, is now documented as a major risk factor for cancer, especially in our underserved populations.

To assure a healthy weight, there are numerous barriers that children and their families need to overcome. These barriers cross a myriad of demographics in cities, towns and states across the country.

Although strides have been made to reduce the incidence of obesity. It is estimated that high rates will continue unless strategies are implemented to address the attitudinal/behavioral challenges of healthy eating and increased physical activity, access to medical and health facilities and improved socio-economic conditions.